Schloss Thayngen

I found this small castle while researching castles on the Internet. I really like half-timbered buildings and castles, so it was love at first sight. I’m going to scratchbuild it for my layout, but first it needs to be “down-sized” to fit into the rather small area reserved for my Swiss village.

I decided to make my first drawing as close to the original as possible. If you compare the original drawing shown on the Swiss website (search for it!) to my drawing below, you will see that I have already made a few minor design changes. If you are an experienced CAD user, you will also see that I am not. This is my very first drawing, other than the exercises in the CadStd tutorials.

Schloss ThayngenSchloss Thayngen

In the original, the part of the building at the back was offset to the right, relative to the part of the structure at the front left. I aligned the front and back, along the left side, which obscured some of the windows in the rear section. I also deleted the greenhouse-style balcony from the right side.

After a lot of experimenting with CadStd, I finally figured out how the scaling and resizing options worked, relative to paper size. My next drawing was to a scale of 1:24, “full size,” with a paper size of 34″ x 44″. This was printed out on 25 sheets of letter-sized paper, which I taped together with some difficulty. The building was going to be about 33″ long by 29″ tall.

Schloss Thayngen "Diorama"Schloss Thayngen “Diorama”

In this photo, I’ve taped my “full-size” drawing to the wall and set up a scene to help judge the overall impact. The two cars and motorcycle are 1:24 scale, while the figures and kit buildings are 1:22.5. Although not unrealistic by any means, I think this would overpower my little village, so I will need to make it smaller.

(This is a work-in-progress, as of Nov. 2010.)

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