POLA 995: Susi’s Newspaper Kiosk

POLA 995: Susi's Newspaper Kiosk

POLA 995: Susi's Newspaper Kiosk

I purchased this kit from Ultimate Trains Ltd. It is about 6.25″ square and 7″ tall. This kit includes some patio accessories, so will actually require about one square foot of display area.

This is listed as a 1/22.5 scale kit, but an LGB figure placed inside the building (as shown in my photo) is not really tall enough to be realistic (the figure on the box cover looks fine). A Bachmann figure seems about the right size, which implies the building is really 1/20.3 scale. Meanwhile, the table and chairs are just plain tiny. There is no way in heck that an LGB or Bachmann figure can plant their butt on one of those small chairs. A 1/24 scale figure fits the chair, but his legs take up all the room under the table. My guess is that the table and chairs are probably 1/29 or 1/32 scale, but I don’t have any figures in those scales to confirm that guess.

I painted many of the parts, but that was before I started recording the paints that I use. I’ll try to determine the colors and add that info soon, maybe.

This is a small kit, but it adds an unusual bit of color and activity to my layout, so I like it. If your layout looks like an Elton John costume, then you may find it too hum-drum.

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