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Most garden railroad forums have an area for people to discuss their latest project, as do some websites. Fewer sites actually reveal project ideas. Perhaps garden railroaders keep their new ideas secret, so that they can be the first to build their new, unique whatzit.

I’m an idea man. At this point in my life, I have more ideas than time (or money) to build them all. Here are some of these ideas (I’m keeping the rest secret).

Schloss Thayngen

I found this small castle while researching castles on the Internet. I really like half-timbered buildings and castles, so it was love at first sight. I’m going to scratchbuild it for my layout, but first it needs to be “down-sized” … Continue reading

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Swiss Fire Hydrants

I spotted these two fire hydrants in Engelberg, Switzerland, during a visit in 1990. Although I didn’t take any dimensions, I think you could just make them the same size as the ones in your neighborhood.

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Great Manhole Covers of Germany

While participating in the LGB Tours 2011 Journey through North and East Germany, I discovered that some German towns and cities have so much civic pride that they even turn their manhole covers into works of art! If you want … Continue reading

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