POLA 999: Susch Station

POLA 999: Susch Station

POLA 999: Susch Station

I purchased this kit from Ultimate Trains Ltd. It is about 16″ wide, 23″ long and 12″ tall, including the cargo loading platform.

This is a big, heavy kit with about a zillion parts, most of which will need to be painted. The photos on the box show nice colors, but the actual colors of some of the parts are terrible. The stucco walls were the worst, being a very bright yellow.

Although I am not quite finished, here are the color changes that I made with the water-based acrylic paint indicated:

Log pile: Craft Smart, Brown 23628; Folk Art, Tapioca 903; Craft Smart, Chocolate Brown 23629; Craft Smart, Espresso 23630

Cargo loading platform, top: Folk Art, Dove Gray 708

Stone wall section of station and cargo loading platform: Folk Art, Dove Gray 708; Folk Art, Rose Pink 632; Folk Art, Sky Blue 465; Folk Art, Hauser Green Light 459; Folk Art, Wrought Iron 925

Doorsteps: Folk Art, Dark Gray 426; Folk Art, Dove Gray 708; Craft Smart, Espresso 23630

Roof tiles: Folk Art, Charcoal Gray 613

Chimney: Folk Art, Medium Gray 425; Folk Art, Dark Gray 426; Folk Art, Licorice 938

Flowerboxes: Craft Smart, Chocolate Brown 23629

Ringer bells on two small parts: Folk Art, Silver Anniversary 506

Stucco walls: Craft Smart, Suede 23625

Walls, white areas: Folk Art, Ivory White 427

Roof wood fascia: Craft Smart, Espresso 23630

This station looks great and will be the centerpiece of the Swiss village section that I am adding to my garden railroad.

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