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I love jigsaws, but they are expensive these days and what do you do with them afterwards? Sure, you can put them back into their box, but next time you try to solve the puzzle the very last piece is almost guaranteed to be missing!

Online jigsaws don’t have that problem. I never found one with a railroad theme (garden or real) so I bought a jigsaw program and will create my own online railroad jigsaws from photos that my wife and I have taken.

Make sure you read the help file included with these, so you can learn how to resize the puzzle to fit your screen and other tips.  The actual puzzle is in an “.exe” file; you should get a pop-up box that allows you to run it directly or download it to your disk. You should probably download it to your disk so you can play it at your leisure, and save the game in progress, if needed.

If you have trouble figuring out which foot your left shoe goes onto, then you might want to skip these jigsaws.  Otherwise, have fun!

Jigsaw #003: Steyrtalbahn, Austria

The Steyrtalbahn is a narrow gauge (760mm) railway in Austria, formed back in 1888. Continue reading

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Jigsaw #002: Hawk Lake Garden Railroad

The Hawk Lake Garden Railroad looks its best in early summer, when  most of our alpine and rock garden flowers are blooming.  By August, half of them have already given up the ghost for the season! I set up this … Continue reading

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Jigsaw #001: Kettle Valley Railway

The Kettle Valley Railway’s Trout Creek bridge still stands, and today’s tourist train backs out onto the bridge for a photo opportunity. If you’re ever anywhere near West Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, check it out. Until then, download and work … Continue reading

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