LGB 5038: Advertising Pillar

LGB 5038 Advertising Pillar

LGB 5038 Advertising Pillar

These advertising pillars appear on eBay regularly, and sell for a fraction of their retail price. Each one is about 2.75″ diameter and 7.25″ tall. If you browse through old LGB catalogs, you will see that these have been made in various colors over the years. Both of mine were a sort of “pea soup” color. The one on the left in the photo is the original color. The one on the right in the photo was repainted with a mix of these water-based acrylic paints:

Folk Art, Green Forest 448 (3 parts)
Folk Art, Dark Gray 426 (1 part)

At the time that I painted the one on the right, I thought that I needed to coat it with clear acrylic to protect it from sun and rain. Sources on the Internet suggested Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Matte, but it was nowhere to be found in Canada. Instead, I sprayed on one coat of Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Gloss, and one coat of Excel Craft Clear Acrylic Satin. The photo was made indoors, using on-camera flash. The painted model appears to have the same lustre as the original model, so this combination of clear sealers worked well. I have since been told that acrylic paint by nature is resistant to UV and rain, so who knows if it was worth the extra trouble?

According to LGB literature, this is an old advertising pillar style found in Nuremberg, Germany. I could not find any decent photos of an original on the Internet. No, I didn’t find any indecent ones, either. In German, it is called a Litfaß-Säule or Litfass-Säule. You remembered that the Germans always capitalize the first letter of every noun, right?

The only photo that I could find on the Internet is here. All things considered, LGB captured almost all of the original’s details including the “pea-soup” color.

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