Outdoor Railroader: Vol. 6 No. 3 (July 1996)

Build an RPO Baggage Car, by John T. Derr, p. 38 (kitbashing, drawings, LGB, 1:22.5)
This article describes how to kitbash an LGB 3081 combine into a railway post office car.

Americanize PIKO’s Brick Enginehouse, by Dave Cummins, p. 40 (kitbashing, PIKO, 1:22.5)
This article describes how to take one of PIKO’s best kits and make it look like a shoebox. Perhaps there are one or two ideas that you can use without bastardizing your kit.

Southern Pacific Flanger-Snowplow 108, by E. H. Cass, p. 57 (scratchbuilding, drawings, 1:48)
These simple drawings might be enough to get you started on this car, especially if you can find photos of the original on the Internet. I would suggest kitbashing a flatcar, instead of starting from scratch.

Radio Control Sound, by Gary Raymond, p. 60 (sound, electronics, kitbashing)
In a previous article that I don’t have, the author described how he put a soundcard into a boxcar. In this article, he describes how he put a radio control system into a second boxcar, so that he could control the bell and whistle functions of the soundcard in the first boxcar. I am working on a similar project, inspired by this author.

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