Garten Bahn: No. 3 2010 (Juli)

Übernachtung im Zughotel, by Sigi Prehm (feature)
This article features a train that has been converted into an hotel.

Vier Halberstädter im Harz, p. 8 (feature, scratchbuilding, streetcars, Harz)
This articles describes several streetcars from the Harz and information on how to model them.

Accucraft Forney II, p. 31 (review, live steam, Accucraft, Forney II)

Premium Glacier Express von RhB und MGB, p. 32 (feature, review, Glacier Express, RhB, MGB, LGB, 1:22.5, kitbashing)
This article describes how to “fine-tune” several LGB RhB cars and suggests running your “premium” Glacier Express train with a KISS FO HGe 4/4 II and several of the modified LGB cars.

Allegra, p. 50 (new product)
This is a new product announcement of what appears to be an RhB passenger car from ST-Gleis of Switzerland.

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