Garten Bahn: No. 1 2010 (März)

Bau eines Cabriowagens für die Privatbahn, p. 16 (kitbashing, open-air, sightseeing, LGB, 1:22.5)
This article shows how to kitbash an old LGB 3010 or similar, into an open-air sightseeing car.

KISS RhB Modell Ge 4/4 182, p. 30 (review, Krokodil, RhB, Ge 4/4, KISS, 1:22.5)

Stainz + Stainz = Mallet, p. 41 (kitbashing, steam Mallet, LGB, Stainz, 1:22.5)
This article shows a few of the many steps needed to kitbash two old LGB Stainz locomotives into a nice 0-4-4-0 Mallet.

Umbau – vom LGB-Personenwagen zum Speisewagen, p. 42 (kitbashing, dining car, RhB, LGB, 1:22.5)
This article shows how to kitbash an LGB 30553 RhB passenger car into a really nice, and very busy dining car.

Modell des Fahrradwagens der HSB, p.44 (scratch-building, bicycle car, HSB, 1:22.5)
This article shows how to scratch-build a nice bicycle-carrying car as used on the HSB.

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