Find a Garden Railroad Club

If you are interested in garden railroading, then try to find a garden railroad club nearby and join up!

Search the Internet to find a garden railroad club near you.  Try using the name of your community followed by the words “garden railroad club” or similar.  If nothing turns up, pick the next largest community.  For example, if “North Highlands garden railroad club” doesn’t work, try “Sacramento garden railroad club” or whatever.

Local hobby shops that carry g-scale trains can usually help you find a local club or contact fellow garden railroaders.

There are garden railroad conventions, advertised in Garden Railways magazine and other sources.  These are always a good way to meet people and find out about clubs that might be located near you.

Model railroad clubs may know about the nearest garden railroad clubs, or may even have some garden railroaders lurking within their own club.

Here in Alberta, Canada, we have two large clubs. The Rocky Mountain Garden Railroaders are located in Calgary (boo!  hiss!!), while the Northern Alberta Garden Railroaders are located in Edmonton (yeah!  yippie!!).

If all else fails, start your own darn club!

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