My Model Rockets

Crossfire ISX

Although I flew a few amateur rockets over sixty years ago, I didn’t fly my first model rocket until recently. This first model was made from an Estes kit, and is called a Crossfire ISX. It is 16″ tall and uses a single motor. The test flight was performed using an A8-3 motor, flew up to a modest 145 feet or so, and made a perfect parachute recovery.

That was just before COVID came along and this rocket sat waiting for better days. It has now been repainted and is ready for launch in May, when the Edmonton Rocketry Club will hold its next public rocket launch in Calmar. Flying on a C6-5 motor, it should reach a respectable 1000 feet altitude and survive to fly again another day.


Currently, I am finishing the construction of my second model rocket. The VK-7 Sounding Rocket kit by Rocketarium is about 29″ tall and uses a cluster of two motors in parallel. All I need to do is install the parachute and it will be ready for flight.

The test flight will be with two B4-4 motors, which should propel it to about 360 feet. With two C6-5 motors, it should reach an altitude of about 850 feet. It also features a parachute recovery.

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