Launching Again!

The Edmonton Rocketry Club plans a model rocket launch almost each month, weather permitting. Recently, rain and/or high winds caused many launchings to be cancelled, but we finally gathered in Calmar on July 2, even if the field was a little soggy in places.


The first rocket I flew was an Hebe, built from plans in “Make: Rockets.” It flew on an A8 motor to about 400 ft, and had a perfect recovery. Later, I flew it on a B4 motor to about 720 ft, but recovery failed and Hebe dived into a soggy area. Part of the airframe was damaged by the water, but the remaining bits and pieces will fly again one day!

Estes Crossfire

My Estes Crossfire also made two successful flights. Last time around, it flew on an A8 motor to about 150 ft, and this time it flew on a B4 motor to about 340 ft and next on a C6 motor to about 710 ft. The C-motors are the most powerful “normal” motors that fit the Crossfire, so I probably won’t fly it again unless I need to test something with it. There is a “composite” motor made that is in the “D” range, but I haven’t found any for sale in Canada.

Meanwhile, my Rocketarium VK-7 is finished and ready to fly later this month at the July 30th launch. It uses two motors together. If I use two C6 motors, they will be as powerful as a “D” motor.

All of my previous rockets have used motors that are 18mm in diameter. The next size up is 24mm. I have completed the Ceres B, also built from plans in “Make: Rockets.” It should fly on a D12, then again on an E12, both “normal” motors. There is also a “composite” F44 motor that will fit.

Finally, I have constructed a payload section that will fit both the VK-7 and the Ceres B, and I would like to buy or build an altimeter to put in it. Also, I now have a Mobius #32s video cam that is light enough and small enough to fly on either of these rockets, perhaps in August.

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